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All tournament participants must be current registered members of the Medalist Golf Association. Members must meet the following criteria:

  • Mid-Am Division: Must be 21 years or older to enter
  • Senior Division: Must be 55 years or older to enter

Entry Procedure
All players must apply for each tournament through the Medalist Golf Association process at For all MGA tournaments, entries close on the Friday the week before the tournament begins (8 days prior to play). Some fields are limited and all spots will be awarded on a first come first serve basis. The MGA Board of Directors reserves the right to reject an entry at any time.

Electronic Measuring Devices
In accordance with USGA Rules of Golf, the Note under Rule 14-3 for all Medalist Golf Association tournaments is in effect. Accordingly, a player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only.

Code of Conduct
Members of the Medalist Golf Association (and their caddies) are to observe proper golf etiquette at all times. Any abuse or disrespect of fellow competitors, officials, spectators, employees of the host facility, or other persons conducting or attending a MGA tournament can be grounds for disqualification from the tournament, and possible rejection of entry for future MGA tournaments. Such abuse includes verbal or physical, or a threat thereof and includes, but is not limited to: the use of obscene language, physical damage to property or equipment including that of the MGA or the host facility. Any disagreement with a decision or ruling from the MGA Tournament Committee, any MGA official, or any employee of the host facility is to be handled through the Appeals Process as set forth below.

Dress Code
Slow play will not be tolerated at MGA events. It is your duty and responsibility to the field to play your strokes at a reasonable pace without creating any undue delay. The enjoyment of the events is heavily related to the pace of play and all payers must do their best to contribute to a positive playing environment for all MGA players. Consistently contributing to a slower pace of play will result in a warning and potential denial from future events.

No shows / On-course Withdrawals
Players are subject to future rejection of entries or loss of Medalist Golf Association player privileges, including year-end points, if they:

  • Fail to appear for their assigned starting time without notifying the MGA Tournament Committee or a designated official.
  • Withdraws or leaves the golf course during a tournament round without notifying the MGA Tournament Committee or a designated official.
*All decisions relating to player conduct will be discussed by the MGA Tournament Committee.

Refund Policy
A player may timely withdraw from a tournament no later than 5:00 pm, CST, on the Wednesday prior to the tournament. If a player timely withdraws, he will receive a credit toward any future Medalist Golf Association tournament, less a $25 administrative fee. If a player withdraws after the entry deadline has passed, the player will not receive an entry fee refund or credit for a future tournament. In exceptional circumstances, a player may file a written appeal for a refund to the MGA. Such appeals will be reviewed on a case by-case basis.

Entries received after the field limit has been reached, or after the entry deadline, will be placed on a “wait-list” for that tournament. The MGA will place applicants on the wait-list in the order in which the application was received. Any spots in the field that become available will then be filled in accordance with the ranked wait-list. The MGA will use the wait-list up until 6:00 PM of the night prior to the first round of the tournament.

Prize Money
Participants will compete for prize money as determined by the Medalist Golf Association Tournament Committee following the start of each event. Prizes may be awarded in a Merchandise Credit Certificate at a participating golf course or business. Each recipient of a Merchandise Credit Certificate is responsible to determine the deadline by which such Merchandise Credit Certificate must be used. Each recipient of Merchandise Credit Certificate is responsible for any lost credit certificate. If the Merchandise Credit Certificate is expired or is lost, the Medalist Golf Association will not provide replacement Merchandise Credit Certificates.

Weather Issues
The Medalist Golf Association Tournament Committee will determine if inclement weather conditions require cancellation, postponement, or suspension of a tournament. If a tournament is cancelled due to inclement weather conditions prior to its start, the MGA will attempt to reschedule the tournament during the same calendar year. If the tournament can be rescheduled, a player’s entry fee will be applied to the rescheduled tournament. If all players have completed 18 holes of competition, the MGA may, at its discretion, reschedule the final round or consider the 18-hole results to be official and declare the tournament completed. The MGA will consult with its host golf course representatives on any decisions regarding suspension, cancellation and/or completion of its tournaments due to inclement weather or dangerous weather (i.e., lightning).

Appeals of Decisions
If any member wishes to address any ruling or decision of The Medalist Golf Association, The Medalist Golf Association Tournament Committee, or the host facility, such appeal or request for review must be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors and mailed to: Medalist Golf Association 12510 Cutten Rd, Houston, TX 77066.

Board of Directors / Tournament Committee
The following members of the Board of Directors will dictate all policy, enforce all rules, and be available for all ruling decisions.

  • Michael Burke (
  • Dean Burke (
  • John Hunter (
  • Andrew Hydorn (
  • Steven Marland (

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